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Each planet is a character, each sign is a costume and each house is a stage. For me, astrology is like the acting out of a cosmic story. The reading focuses on interpreting how each character feels, what they do and how they interact with other characters.

Where my work differs from other astrologers, is that I find the blueprint and the story that is being told by your personal planets and bring it all together to your Soul's urges and life purpose.


Natal (or birth chart astrology) is a powerful tool to learn more about your psyche and how you are motivated. Together we will uncover your passions, talents, aspirations, and how to work around blocks or handicaps. It's a powerful blueprint of who you are and your potential for this lifetime.


Clients experience revelations in aspects of their identity, that for the first time, make sense. I see the planets interact as a whole, and strive to find your life purpose and direction.  With this clarity and understanding, together with grounded tools and guidance - we anchor this knowledge of your cosmic self for this lifetime and find ways to channel the energies (both constructive and restrictive) that you may experience in your life.


Birth chart readings give you the permission you may have always wanted, to live the life that you have feel deep inside of you wants to be lived.

reading process

natal chart


general questions

We analyse your birth chart, looking at the meaning of each planet and aspect. This will uncover known & hidden parts of your personality, psych and  life direction - your personal blueprint

How are the planets affecting you right now?  We look at planetary transits and their influence on you currently. I will provide tools and techniques to best utilise these energies to unlock your full potential

If there are any specific questions still be unanswered - the last part of the session is for this. We can look again at your personality and focus on your transits while looking ahead.

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astrology from a scientific point

Unbeknownst to us there is a symphony of sound and vibrations traveling through our entire solar system. Science has proven that each planet has a certain unique frequency of sound which it is vibrating at RIGHT NOW!  Over time we have associated certain aspects and traits with the planets and asteroids in our solar system; so each of the sound vibrations that the planets are making would then be a representation of those traits.


Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist who studied water and its reaction to sound.  He discovered that water molecules change their shape depending on the sound and frequencies they are exposed to. Human beings are made out of on average 60%.  If Masaru's studies are correct it would mean that our genetic make-up is altered based on what we say, what we listen to and the sounds and frequencies we are exposed to.


When we are in our mother's womb, we are shielded from most of these frequencies. When we are born and leave the 'shield of safety' our mother's body offer, we are fully exposed to the harmonics and frequency the planets are vibrating. One could argue that we become genetically altered (at least from the perspective of our personality and psyche) from the moment that we are exposed to these energies and take our first breath on the planet.


The harmonics of the planet became infused in us and alter the molecules of our very body. When we study the location of the planets, and the energies they emitted during your birth, we gain a deeper understanding of the psyche and identity of a person based on the harmonics of the planets.

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