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Meditation is not just an act of quieting the mind and finding stillness - it is also a way to connect higher and deeper with yourself and the Divine.


I have found that there are many kinds of meditations and layers to how we can do this.  Each modality and technique offering various levels of depth and experiences.


At the core of it however, mediation is the ability to stand still long enough, internally and externally, that you may hear the voice of the Universe flowing through you.


This stillness gives each and every one of us the ability to live and act powerfully in our lives and our hearts.

I offer guided meditations that are both in group and personal one-on-one.


Prior to each meditation I will meditate and connect with my guides and higher energies.  They will show me visualizations and themes that will be channeled and downloaded during the session.


About 60% of the meditation will be spoken by myself, guiding the participants on a journey.  At some stages I will prompt the participants to perform some instruction and then leave them alone to have their own experience.


Privately led mediations are more focused and tailor made to each individual client's need.  These private mediations are ideal for someone who is trying to deepen their practice, connect more strongly with Source, work on past lifetime event or greatly increase their own intuitive/psychic abilities.

What makes meditation so difficult for many is the inability to focus and do it on their own.  Our minds have become trained to be busy all the time and therefor it is hard to just switch off and flow within ourselves.

Meditations for purchase

Find below a selection of meditations that have been recorded and produced by Justin.  Simply click on the one you are interested in, securely enter your payment details and a link will be emailed to you with the download after payment.

A powerful meditation to help you connect back with Source, to release any burdens you may be carrying in your present life and be reminded of the magnificence of what this life has to offer.


Connecting to the most pure and highest level of Sacredness, let the love and support of the entire Universe heal and guide you.

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Travel to the center of your heart, opening up your heart chakra.  You will receive cosmic love, love from Source and feel a cleansing of your heart chakra.


Sit with Source - to receive love and support, healing and compassion. Connect with gratitude and discover more gratitude in your life.

Feel safety, gratitude and total acceptance and love.

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Travel deep into the elemental realm to connect with Mother Lady Gaia - the Spirit and Soul of our planet.


Meet fairies, elves, guides and other elementals who are there to help and support you upon your journey in this lifetime.

Travel as an elemental through nature, seeing flow of nature as through the eyes of an elemental.


Rediscover your own innocence and experience the healing love of Lady Gaia.

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Want your own personalized meditation?


Private meditations are available, tailored to your specific needs and what you wish to receive out of them.  I am a very visual person and clients have experienced that I can project what I see into their minds so they get the full experience as I channel the meditation.


Generally, personalized meditations are for clients who wish to travel deeper into the Spiritual realm, to garner a deeper connection with their own Source or to discover a new connection or have an experience which they are not able to reach on their own.  These kind of meditations offer deep growth, transformation and a road to accelerated spiritual connection and peace.

meditations for corporate

Corporate meditations and sessions are also available and customizable.


Justin can create tailor made sessions for your employees to help reduce stress, improve creativity and strengthen overall personal- and spiritual wellness.


The inner state of people highly affects how we perform in our lives and careers.  If we can help reduce stress and create an improved state of wellbeing, calmness and focus; not only will our personal lives flourish but people become more creative, focus and more efficient.

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