My Story

My Spiritual journey started when I was indirectly struck by lightning at the age of 16.  During this time I was under immense internal turmoil.  Being raised Christian I was struggling with my sexuality in the eyes of god, together with my connection and fundamental core belief system.  It felt as if I was an abomination in the eyes of god and I really questioned why I would be struck by lightning and not be killed if I was so bad.


It wasn't until the age of 22 when I went for my first psychic reading that things really started to escalate.  In retrospect, the reading was not so profound in the content but rather in the direction it pointed me towards.  I was told about my guides, that I am a clairsentient (the knowing), a walk-in and a few other things too.  Armed with this information I went careening down a road of trying to understand what all of this meant.  There was not one moment that I could say I felt afraid or in unfamiliar terrain.

It all just made total sense to me.  I began to read as many books as I could find, got angel cards and crystals.  I soon discovered an amazing group where each fortnight an ascendant master was channelled.  This became my regular group, for me to learn and connect with other on the same path – I of course was the youngest person there.


This continued for another year until one day at work I felt this strong energy connected to my heart pulling me forward.  The emotion was overwhelming and I went to the restroom to cry.  Things quickly escalated in my life and I knew that I could not continue doing things as I have been.  I quit my job, sold everything I had and went to Nepal.  There is something auspicious in that the very first time I left my home country of South Africa I went straight to the Himalayas.  Nowhere was I prepared for the level of culture and world shock that I would experience on my first journey away from my home country.


Three weeks later I returned to South Africa with my tail between my legs, feeling like a massive failure.  I got another job but the experience of leaving and my Spirituality stayed and only became stronger and stronger.


I vividly recalled walking home one evening bathed in the light of a full moon, wondering what was next for me.  I knew that I could no longer switch the side of me off anymore, it had become far to big to go back into a box.  South Africa is not a place to be without having your own car and some form of foundation and since I had sold everything I had before leaving to Nepal I was trying to decide if I should just put down roots again or try to leave.


A new friend who practically grew up in Bali then suggested for me to go there.  She knew that I wanted to leave the country and that I was craving some Spiritual connection.  I brushed off the notion but still ordered my Lonely Planet for Bali nevertheless.  Three months later – I was there.


I never really had any goal or clear idea of what I would do in Bali or how long I would stay.  I had a return ticket only because I thought I needed one but there was no other foresight other than I had to go.


Bali turned into 4 years of my life.  I met too many people to remember, had experiences and realizations, learned lessons and grew in ways that I could never have imagined. I call Bali the kidneys of the planet as it is a place of cleansing and regeneration.  I even tried leaving twice but the energy of Bali drew me back.


In the middle of 2015 I left for Australia, which also opened up doors to Canada and the USA.


My Spiritual journey has been very hand’s on – in that I travel to locations and stay there for a few weeks to a few months.  I learn from people, from the land, through experiences and self-realizations.  The road and journey has never been easy yet it lends itself to rapid and extreme transformation and growth.  My childhood made me submissive and inclined to live in the shadows of others – as I’ve travelled and grown I’ve become comfortable in my own skin and own belief system.  Connected to and breathing my own Truth and understanding of what makes us Spiritual beings.


My core passion is to help others through the same process – to be all that they are.  Weaving together all our lifetimes, energies, experiences and emotions into what we are fully and entirely capable of.


Thank you for visiting my page and reading more about my journey.  The path is not always easy but we have to opportunity to experience and see so much in this life - it's worth each and every single moment!

"It was like breathing for the first time"

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