Justin offers a large assortment of workshops and weekly events that can be hosted at your centre upon request.  All of his offerings can also be tailored to what you may require eg. your event has a particular theme you would like to focus on.


If you are looking for corporate events and workshops that are designed for reduction of stress please visit the corporate section of this website.


Workshops are done on a very practical and foundational matter teaching techinques and modalities grounded in practical experience and tools that be used from day to day.  Due to the large scope of what is available in all the different modalities workshops can be modeled after more practical/'less woowoo' or esoteric/energetic in nature.


The core design is to help people awaken to the greater truth that there is more available to them, ergo Justin gets into the world of his clients and speaks the language that they are comfortable with all-the-while leading them upon a path of greater awakening and giving the tools to help discover not only who they are but also their passions and desires.

Let’s love ourselves more [bi-monthly series]

The art of self love, self-acceptance and self-empowerment has been one that I have been working on my entire life.  This series is developed specifically for you to realize just how capable you are of love, where you currently stand and how much more you can love yourself, your life, your experience and everything around you.  Using tools from NLP, psychotherapy, shamanism and more we delve into the chambers of your own heart and fill them with the brim with expression, joy and inner peace.  Through this you will stand up strong for yourself, live your core values and go after your dreams like never before.  “You love yourself enough to not be held back by life or limiting experiences”


The art of Astrology – practical astrology for the every day [6 week intensive, Session Duration 3.5 hours]

Learn the in’s and out’s of daily astrology.  How you can interact with all of the 12 different signs and how to read your own chart.  It’s about understanding the unconscious triggers and motivations of each of the 12 signs and how you, knowing your own, can successfully interact and flow with them.


Your happy inner child in the 21st century - Duration 2 hours

How happy is your innerchild?  Do you take care of them? Do you know what their needs are? Do you know what their fears are?  Each of us has an inner child – that part of us that lives inside of us that is innocent and pure.  Yet we do not give that side of us always the attention that it needs and in reality that part of us has great power of us.  When people are acting from a hurt or scared inner child they act beyond reason or understanding.  Learn to heal your own inner child, to connect and inspire yourself to go forth and be free of the limiting patterns that have been holding you back your entire life.


Angelic communion and healing - Duration 2 hours

I don’t normally focus on this field but for some reason I feel I should do it at Red Door on the south side.  There seems to be a need for it

How often do the Angels speak to you but you’re not listening – do you even know how to listen for them?  This workshop is designed to help you connect not just with the ArchAngels but also the angels who personally take care of just you.  Learn about some of the different kinds of Angels that you get and how you can call them forth at any time for certain experiences, help and nourishment that you may need in your normal life.

"All of my work focuses around the expanded awareness and expansion of self and self-expression.  The fundamental goal and aim is to help people realize their own limiting blocks and beliefs  - regardless of on which level these may be found.


As we know we are complex and very multi layered beings, therefor to ascertain true transformation and empowered growth we must address ourselves on several levels.


To know oneself's most inner workings is the most powerful tool in existence - when you know your shadow and demons you can learn to dance with them and release the power they hold over you."

Angelic/Elemental/Galactic - Duration 3.5 hours

What is your dominant energy field.  Are you more Angelic, coming from the Angelic realms with huge compassion to help humanity?  Are you more Galactic, coming from the stars and the Universe feeling that you have a mission here upon this planet?  Or are you Elemental, with a deep inherent connection to the earth and the nature with a childlike demeanor?   The purpose of this workshop is to help you connect to what energy is dominant in you, where to connect to and how to feel nourished in your daily life.  It gives clarity as to why you feel the way you do and that you are not alone upon this path.


Elemental Awakening - Duration full day workshop

Learn to connect to the spirit of the Earth, learning about all the different roles the Elementals play and how they can offer you help and assistance in your daily life.

To learn more please visit the sister website


Akashic Records, Learn the Divination of your own Soul - Duration 4 hours

Connecting to your own Divine Soul and Essence, learn to hear your own Soul and Intuition guidance.  This workshop is tailed to the individual group and how they can feel and hold their essence in such a way to access their own past lifetimes, life purpose and clear/uncover karmic connections.







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